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『刃金からくり屋』 にようこそ !

  • Trade Name, "Hagane-Kalaquri-Ya (刃金からくり屋)"

I am doing technical support of product development work as a professional engineer of Japan, Mechanical Engineering.

My technical support is designing a structure using finite element method (F.E. Analysis).

Also, I propose to systemize the manufacturing process for products to be developed.

I thought of "Hagane-Kalaquri-Ya" as a symbol of the structure design and systemize the manufacturing process which is the main task of this work.

For the function that the client wants, the professional engineer is to think about the optimum material " Steels (in Japanese, Hagane)", structure and mechanism " In Japanese, Kalaquri" from the processing method possible at the manufacturing site.

So I combined "Hagane" and "Kalaquri", and set the trade name as "Hagane-Kalaquri-Ya".

  • Reason why it was used as a 『刃金(Hagane)』

It is very useful, but on the other hand there is a danger of causing serious harm, there is a Story proverbs, "double-edged sword (両刃の剣)" in Japan.

I think that there is this "double-edged sword" above engineers involved in technology.

If you contribute to society and enrich your users, you will remain on your head as it is.

However, when it comes to depriving the user of happiness or living, this sword is relentlessly shaken down, responsibility is pursued and convicted.

Anyway, Hagane has two Chinese characters. One is "鋼 (means steel)", and the other is "刃金 (means blade edged metal)".

In order to keep in mind that it is under such double-edged sword, I made the Chinese characters applicable to HAGANE "blade edged metal".


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