Welcome to our shop of "Hagane-kalaquri-ya" !

ようこそ ! 『刃金からくり屋』 へ

Trade Name, "Hagane-Kalaquri-Ya (刃金からくり屋)"

We have resolved the client's technical problems by machine design such as products, equipment and inspection tools, mainly by professional engineer (P.E. Jp (Mechanical Eng.)).

At the same time, we provide technical support for development work.

"Hagane-Kalaquri-ya (Shop of Blade edged metal and Systematic mechanical design)" as a symbol of the following two points.

    • Design of metal products

    • Development of a systemized device

The reason for the "刃金 (Hagane, which means Blade edged metal)"

Story proverbs, "double-edged sword (両刃の剣)" in Japan

It is very useful, but on the other hand there is a danger of causing serious harm.

Work of engineers engaged in technology

We think that the job of the engineer is like a "double-edged sword".

    • If the product is honest, contribute to society and enrich users

    • If there is a lie or deception in the product, the user will get angry

The job of the engineer is "double-edged sword".

In order to keep in mind that it is under such double-edged sword, I made the Chinese characters applicable to HAGANE(刃金) "blade edged metal".

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3387, Washizu, Kosai, Shizuoka 431-0431, JAPAN

< President >

Teruhiko, HINAJI, MR.

Professional Engineer of Japan (Mechanical Engineering)

Engineer in Training of Oregon, U.S.